A series of unfortunate events….

ice cream  Well, due to yesterday’s post I am sure, we had a snow day today. Which I started out being mad about. Mainly because it was seriously not bad out at all. But also because I had a lot I wanted to get accomplished today so I could go to bed early tonight and the kids tend to get in the way of productivity. I am not sure why they can’t change their own diapers, cook their own meals and referee their own fights, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

About midway through the day I started to see the upside of the snow day. My four year old had a built in playmate and was very entertained to play all sorts of pretend games with her older sister and I got a ton done after all. And being a fly on the wall for their elaborate fantasies was such a gift. A four and a seven year old can have some pretty fantastic discussions. One about how they wanted to start synchronized swimming lessons. Except that later my hubby told me Lily was calling it “secret eyes” swimming. When he corrected her, she corrected him right back. Then said, “Synchronized swimming? That doesn’t make sense!! It’s totally secret eyes swimming!!” I am now very curious what she thinks it even is.

Anyway- I had to break up a few scuffles and Silas was literally clinging to my leg while I made dinner, but otherwise it was a pretty good day. One where my biggest fashion accomplishment was changing from a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms into a sweatshirt and yoga pants. I felt like the kids were really good at letting me work and deserved some sort of reward. So after dinner I floated this idea by the hubby. I actually suggested Krispy Kreme (the holidays have not been kind to our new “real food” way of life). But his stomach had been a little upset today so he suggested ice cream. And because I am never one to turn down a suggestion of ice cream, we bundled up the kids and headed out the door. Well kind of.

We actually did get the kids bundled up. Which was a bit of a feat because it is quite cold (15 degrees) here and so we really did bundle. And then we went to put them in the car without bundling ourselves. We had a lot going on. Three kids, three coats and I was grabbing some meat out of the garage freezer quickly to thaw for tomorrow. So I didn’t have my coat or purse and the hubby didn’t even have shoes on. We got the kids buckled and turned around to head in to grab our stuff and realized the door had locked.

We don’t lock that door. But apparently Hannah had trouble getting out and began messing with the lock. So we are locked out of our house, in our garage, with no coats on, and in my husband’s case no shoes. Oh and no keys. Thankfully the hubby at least had his cell phone. Now my parents have a spare key and only live a few blocks away, but I know on Monday nights they go to the gym and aren’t home. After much deliberating, panicking and shivering, I decide to call the gym. And end up sending some poor employee on a wild goose chase around the gym to find a “60 year old woman with short hair who is probably on a treadmill but maybe in Pilates class.” Delightful.

So my poor mother has to leave the gym, all sweaty, come home and let us in our house. And then she heads back to the gym to finish her workout. You might think that seeing this kind of determination to exercise would make us think twice about an ice cream run. You might think that we would take this debacle as a sign from God to get back to our “real food” way of life and finally lose that 5 pounds that is haunting us. You might think the fact that the little dude was now past his bedtime and cranky would cause us to pause and consider staying home.

You would think wrong. And in case you were wondering the vanilla ice cream sundae with hot fudge and peanut butter sauce topped with mini Reese’s pieces and whipped cream from a can was worth all the hassle.


  1. I LOVE this story…I am pretty sure something like this has happened to me at least once a month – glad to know i am in good company!

  2. Alissa says:

    Great story; but there’s one thing I can’t comprehend…Your husband had an upset stomach so he didn’t want a donut, but ice cream was ok?? I would expect maybe saltines or chicken soup or something, but ice cream?? LOL!

  3. I say that all the trouble meant you deserved that ice cream when it was all said and done! ;)

  4. Another reason why we hid a key outside after locking ourselves out of the house .I have had to use that key several times….
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