A Mother For The Motherless


Mothers Day 2012

Thabiso Setona was orphaned at 14. At 14 he was left to parent his younger sister and raise his father’s cattle. He lives in Lesotho where most people live on less than $1.25 a day.

Where he lives cattle are a precious commodity. To tend to them he must live in huts in the hills with only the most basic amenities. His job is to make sure his cattle survive. Even if it means he himself will go hungry. Herd boys are isolated and nomadic. They are also uneducated, having to drop out of school to work for their families.

This is Thabiso’s life.

When Ryan asked me today what I wanted for Mother’s Day I honestly had a hard time thinking of anything I needed. I mean I could think of a lot of “stuff” that I suppose would make me happy. I am forever chasing after stuff. But my life is a charmed one. “Stuff” is the last thing I need.

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