A More Meaningful Easter For Your Children

Today Silas’ teacher came to class with ashes on her forehead. When I picked him up he asked why she had “marker on her head.” Being in a non-denominational church that doesn’t really focus on Lent, I struggled to explain what Ash Wednesday meant. We talk a lot as we read the Jesus Storybook Bible about how the whole bible hinges on Jesus coming to rescue the world from sin, but Easter is so much harder to do than Christmas isn’t it? Christmas is the story of birth and angels and wise men. Easter is the story of betrayal and whips and crowns of thorns. Isn’t life always easier to talk about than death? But our whole faith hinges on Easter. Frankly Christmas means little without Easter. But how do you convey the weight and meaning of Easter with young children? It’s tough. Of course my friend Amanda from Oh Amanda has the answer.

A Sense of the Resurrection A Sense of the Resurrection is a journey through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Parents and children will make memories as they use their five senses to discover the real story celebrated on Easter.

I have had a chance to read through A Sense of the Resurrection and my very first impression is just how doable it seems. I confess I have never done Truth in the Tinsel because it is very craft focused and the thought of me doing that many crafts with my children brings about some of the most un-Christian thoughts I have (I know, bad mommy). But A Sense of the Resurrection is less about crafts and more about experiences. Making memories with our family. There is no exact timeline, you can do the 12 activities as you want during the season of Lent. And honestly I feel like if I get overwhelmed with the activities (which frankly I tend to do), it just starts a lot of great dialogues about the deeper meaning of Easter. Get your copy and get started today! affiliate links used


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