A Mom and Daughter Review of Animal Jam


Back in September, at Family Forward, our family was introduced to Animal Jam. It was during an unforgettable sponsor session with Brady Barr and some of his crocodile and alligator friends. Live animals are always exciting for kids, but when one jumps off the table into the crowd things. get. interesting.

My kids love computer games and I don’t mind them playing them as long as they aren’t mindless entertainment. I truly want them to have some educational value and was truly impressed with what I learned about Animal Jam. It is an online playground where kids learn about animals and the world around them while they interact with their friends. And when I heard it was a partnership with National Geographic Kids (one of my favorites) I knew my kids would want to check it out.


Lily got on right when we got home and immediately found some real life friends in the game and invited a few more to join. I can’t of a better way to recommend it than to tell you that lately she has been choosing to play Animal Jam over Minecraft. This is a big deal. And unlike Minecraft, what I love about Animal Jam is that all my kiddos can play. Silas is a little young, but he and Lily engage together and she helps him navigate his way. He is really able to figure out quite a bit with a little help. Hannah has been less into computer games lately, but she has played a bit and enjoyed it too.


As a mom, I love that even though my kids have the ability to interact with other kids there are a lot of precautions in place to keep my kids safe. There are two levels of play, a free level and a paid level. This is similar to many other sites and it can be a little frustrating to have your kids begging for the paid level. But it is a fairly reasonable cost to join and if you chose not to, there is still a fair amount that you can do.

Lily made a little video to teach you and your children about the way Animal Jam works. I gave her very minimal help and think it turned out adorable. Not that I am biased at all…..

Animal Jam is a hit in our family and a great educational game if you are looking for a way to keep your kids occupied for short periods of time or as a reward for good behavior (seriously working around these parts). I am thrilled they were a sponsor of Family Forward and that we found this award winning website!

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Animal Jam in partnership with National Geographic. I was provided with a year long membership to Animal Jam in exchange for my review. As I stated above, we were already using the site previously. Lily has more than earned her year membership with her video participation, don’t you think?

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