A Little Target Fashion

Post totally not sponsored. Just evidence of a little Target problem I have. Although if you click on a link it is an affiliate. And I will be able to buy a pack of gum in the checkout line next time Silas begs.

I took myself on a little shopping spree this week. Actually I went shopping to buy my niece and nephew birthday presents. But darn it if the clothing section at Target wasn’t whispering my name. Oh Target. You devil you.

Anyway, I got some super cute stuff and I thought you might want to dress exactly like me. Ha, no. Don’t do that. That would be creepy. But as long as we called each other and coordinated to make sure we didn’t show up at the same place in the same outfit (awkward!) it will be fine.

1. Grey Maxi

grey maxi

I love a maxi in the summer. And I REALLY love a maxi that I can dress down or up with accessories. This is the definition of that dress. I could throw it on with a pair of flip flops and head to the beach. Or I could put on some fancy jewelry, a belt and a pair of wedges and head out on a date. This will be in heavy, heavy rotation this summer. You have been warned.

2. Black and White Maxi

black and white maxi

This is a little bit dressier of a maxi dress. It doesn’t come through on this picture, but the fabric and cut is not as casual as the grey dress. I went back and forth on the color for this one (if you click on the link you can see this also comes in coral and tan). I really like both and actually my little fashion helper Silas who was in the dressing room with me voted for the coral and tan. He was surprisingly dead on about what looked good and bad on me. But in the end I went with black and white because it is a super hot trend this year. And because I already have a coral and tan dress from Target (don’t judge).

3. Tuxedo Short

tuxedo short

I have some mad love for these shorts. You could buy a plain old boring khaki shorts. Or you could buy these and step it up a notch. Today I wore them with a black tank and flip flops. but I am pretty sure these would look amazing with a sheer black blouse and heels for a night on the town (with something under your sheer black blouse ladies, keeping it classy). They also come in hot pink which would be ridiculously fun.

4. Colorblock Tee


I first showed you my love of navy and blue at Blissdom with my Land’s End outfit. My love affair of this color combination continues. This shirt comes in a ton of other colors but I couldn’t pass up the chance to pair this one with my mint pants. In fact I will be doing so tomorrow.

5.  Denim Vest

denim vest

Okay so I didn’t buy this because it still brings back some scary 80s memories, but I love the idea of it. Thrown over a maxi dress, that combo of rough and pretty. I don’t know. It is calling to me. What say you readers? Can I pull off the denim vest?

What have you found at Target lately? And it is possible to get out of there spending under $100????


  1. Ah crap. I totally love those two dresses. Veggie day may prove awkward for us…

  2. I cannot get behind the jean vest thing. It looks like everyone when I was in 7th grade.
    Vanderbilt Wife recently posted…It’s Freezer Cooking Time in TennesseeMy Profile

  3. Love those maxi dresses!

    The black & white one is gorgeous. Good choice on colors.

    The vest? Ya, I lived through 80’s too. Not sure I could do that one either.

    I love Target too. I totally need a shopping spree…
    The Domestic Fringe recently posted…Meal Planning, Pinterest Style – Recipes IncludedMy Profile

  4. Ooh, fun! And I have a birthday coming up… (You do, too, if memory serves, right?)
    JessieLeigh recently posted…My Salad Dressing Fall-Back CheatMy Profile

  5. Actually yes, I rarely spend over $100 at Target! Today it was around $50, but the random assortment of things I go there to buy is so weird!
    Also, I probably don’t spend as much because my Target does not have cute things like that. True story, we are the smallest Target store in the whole US. We were a test and supposedly we are getting a remodel/enlargement in the next couple years… hopefully!
    Krista recently posted…14 Months: My little monkeysMy Profile

  6. let’s just say…anneke bought that denim vest :)
    lisa @studiojewel recently posted…Tornadoes. Oklahoma. Other people count. A lesson in humanity.My Profile

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