A Full Set of Silverware- Works For Me Wednesday


When I got married I spent a ridiculous amount of time thinking about what to register for (sidebar: I would like to go back and NOT register for half of it). One of the things I remember debating over for a stupid amount of time was silverware.

I would hold them in my hand and think about eating with them. I would think about entertaining with them. I would think about still loving them 10 years later. How many place settings I should buy. Silverware. Who would have thought it required so much thought?

And who would have thought that 10 years in half my stuff is gone. I fear they have run of with a few of my mismatched socks. And despite running my dishwasher at least once a day I always seem to be running out of silverware. It was so frustrating.

I could not handle it anymore and decided to track down my silverware and restore my set to its original glory. So after some Google searches and some Twitter feedback I landed on Replacements.com. First mission, remembering what the heck pattern of silverware I originally got. There are a LOT of silverware patterns out there. If you thought picking when you were getting married was hard try finding replacements.

Replacements has a ton of silverware, possibly every pattern ever made. They also apparently have china and crystal. They were incredibly easy to deal with and my stuff arrived really quickly. And it is just silly how happy it made me to have a full set of silverware again. Reunited and it feels so good.

I have absolutely no affiliation with Replacements whatsoever, but I thought knowing about them might help those of you with sad, sad silverware drawers. This post is linked up to We Are That Family.


  1. That’s cool. I can still buy the set I picked out in the store… but it doesn’t do me any good. I really liked it, but not one single person bought us even a place setting of silverware. My college roommate bought me the serving set which at least I can use alone. But it was a good thing my mother-in-law had an extra set of plain to give us or we might still be eating with plastic!

  2. First off, I totally agree, I would go back in time and NOT register for half the stuff we did.

    We were blessed that a couple of my parents’ friends gave us our entire set of everyday silverware for our wedding. However, we did not make the wisest choice when registering–the “butt” of the knives is so darn heavy, it’s nearly impossible to rest a knife on your plate, it inevitably falls off and clangs loudly down onto the table.

    I am happy to say that 12 years in, we’ve managed to lose only a few spoons, I think. Thus, I don’t know when we’ll replace this set with one that’s less heavy and clangy. ;-)
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  3. Oh my that is so my silverware drawer! I think I have 2 different kinds in there now and I still only have SIX spoons! I think I may just need to start over…but I wonder if they have my dishes on that site? Hmmm…going to check now!

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