A Foster Care Update…..

It has been awhile since I have posted an update on our foster care journey. I apologize to those wanting an update. There just hasn’t been a lot to update.

The fact is, in foster care there is an intense beginning. And likely a difficult ending. But in the middle there is just a lot of day to day parenting (at least with a baby, I am sure older children come with much more drama). Outside of a frustrating and broken system, there just isn’t a whole lot to report. She is growing and changing and adorable and honestly just part of our family.

Until she isn’t anymore.

We are growing closer to that day. Her mom doesn’t seem to be capable of being a parent and while that is heartbreaking, it is likely this baby would be placed with another family member. We have a good relationship with her probable adoptive mother so I am hopeful that we will continue to stay in her life. All of it is so the right thing for her.

But we are stuck in the in between right now. It is a hard place to be. Trying to love her well, but naturally finding ourselves pulling back a little as we sense the end is near. I want to continue to love her like my kids do. All in, oblivious to the fact that our hearts might just break a little. Ryan and I have to keep reminding ourselves to love her like our own until the last second we have her. I guess human nature protects your heart.

Tomorrow is another court day. Could be a big one. But it might not be (gotta love the certainty of foster care). Either way it is likely this little girl will have been in our home and our lives and our hearts for close to a year. A year.


  1. Wow you are doing such an amazing thing. As an adoptee, I am especially appreciative of people like you, who are willing to do hard things to give these babies a chance. Thank you, and I hope all goes well for your sweet little foster baby.
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  2. Nicole says:

    :( It is so hard when they leave. I think about all our past foster kids a lot, and still see them every once in awhile. I still think of them all as “my boys.” I feel blessed that I was able to be there for them, though, and for their families. It’s hard, but I don’t regret doing it, at all! I will be praying for your family and the baby as you transition!

  3. Sniffles. I think it is great. Foster children need quality foster parents. I am glad you are doing it. Blessings! May God be with you even during the heart break.

  4. Your family? Heroes to me.

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  5. I really admire what you’re doing. Such an inspiration! I’d love to think that I could do that some day too, but I don’t think I’m strong enough. Hugs to you!
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