A Fish Tale

When Lily was little, the hubby and I decided it would be fun to circle Lake Michigan on a slightly ambitious road trip. We loved it and still tell some fun stories that happened while we were traveling. One of them involved a stop in the UP.

The UP is the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. I had never been there before this trip and it is an interesting land. It really should be its own country. It has its own culture, practically its own language and is…..well it is just the UP. And if you are from the UP (you would call yourself a Yooper) or know of the UP, you know of which I speak.

It is sparsely populated so as you drive through you see a lot of forest and lake and then a town from time to time. One of the towns we stumbled upon had a big sign that said “smoked fish” and you probably would have heard our tires screech as Ryan quickly pulled in.

I am not a fan of seafood. Or as I like to frequently say, “anything out of the ocean”. But one of the things that bothers me most about fish is the smell. Well take the fish smell, add a smoked smell and then bake it in your hot car as you travel around Lake Michigan and you have an idea of what we were up against. I was not happy.

Today my parents came up to visit during our week at the cabin. They wanted to see some of the lake towns and so while Ryan stayed home during Silas’ naptime I toured them around the countryside. One of the BEST things about Michigan in the summertime is that every few miles down stretches of road you will come upon someone selling some sort of fresh produce, jam or pies in a little stand in their front yard. We brought home some sweet corn to make for dinner. But we had no meat.

Now, being from Iowa, I firmly believe you can make an entire meal out of sweet corn, but I knew my hubby would require some meat. So when we pulled into one of the lake towns and saw a sign for smoked fish I knew I had to stop.

smoked fish

For some reason the man I married find this appealing. Somehow he even talked my picky-picky girls into trying some. He did NOT have the same success with me. Despite his best efforts to make it “swim” over to me and kiss my cheek. He sure knows the way to my heart.

I got it for him. I watched him pick it apart and eat it off bones. I managed to keep my sweet corn down. How did I do all this? By thinking about the pedicure I so badly need that I will spring on him the second we get back to civilization. Leaving him with three VERY overtired kiddos who will be enjoying their yearly post- vacation meltdowns. All while I am soaking my toes in some warm water with a chair massaging my weary muscles.



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