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stpatricks-day In a “seriously God?” moment, we gave up the pacifier last week in this house. When the hubby was out of town and I felt like poo. But 3 pacifiers broke in one day and we lost the other one so there was nothing to do but wing it. My Hannah was a champ and besides me having to sleep on her hardwood floor one night we have been pacifier free for a week. Of course that doesn’t stop Hannah from telling everyone who will listen that she “goes nigh nigh without her baba.”

I am officially a driver of a minivan. A minivan. Wait, I have to say it again….a minivan. I never thought this would happen, but if I am totally honest, I am rockin’ that minivan. Well as much as someone can rock a minivan.

This spring teaser is totally sucking me in.  The kids and I played outside today in short sleeves!! And I fear, living in Michigan, it is just a teaser. If it snows, I might go into hibernation until June. Cause I was wearing flip flops today. And once you wear flip flops, you can’t go back to snow boots. Lily actually told me if it got “wintery” again, we should go talk to that groundhog.

Not a whole lot else brilliant to report on. We are all still a bit under the weather around here and lacking in sleep. Hope to be back to my normal self soon. Have a Happy St. Patty’s Day!!


  1. I love driving a minivan. I am proud to be a “soccer mom” well in my case a hockey mom but you get the point. Happy St Patty’s day.

    Upstatemomof3s last blog post..Tackling the Moby Wrap

  2. Oh my! We’re about to break free of the pacifier too.. i’m so scared!! LOL.

    Joanns last blog post..We made it threw the weekend..

  3. I feel your pain- we were out for a walk in the sun today too (in Minnesota), and I’m afraid to get my hopes up that it will stay this wonderful. Better to be prepared for a snowfall in April and be pleasantly surprised if none comes…

    Karas last blog post..Pregnancy Art

  4. Minivan mamas unite!

    Hope you all get 100% healthy soon!

    Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessingss last blog post..taming my creative space

  5. I swore I would never drive a mini van, but now I love mine! They’re so functional and I get to sit up high. Yesterday my son asked me if the little sports car next to us could go faster than us (it could) but can he haul around a bunch of kids, a weeks worth of groceries and a bunch of lawn chairs? I think not.

    Tree Climbing Moms last blog post..I wonder if the numbers all go to eleven

  6. Love my minivan. With 4 kids and one of them a hockey player, it’s a must-have. I let my 6 year old play outside in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday (we’re in that town west of you known for tulips). There’s no way she’s going back to boots and mittens so it better not snow again.

    Charitys last blog post..Not Me Monday

  7. driving a minivan is SUCH a hard step!! but at least i don’t get honked at by men anymore ;-)
    i’m sure you are the coolest minivan-mama on the block!!

    girlymamas last blog post..a few highly caffeinated, exhausted observations

  8. Allie says:

    I LOVE my minivan, I don’t know how people get kids in and out of carseats without sliding doors! I would break my back! We broke my son of his pacifier at 15 months, i was really worried, but he was a champ! We need to give our kids more credit!

  9. Kristi says:

    Minivan? I am looking at buying a 12 passenger very soon! Have 4 kids….almost five but hope to one day have 7! And on the pacifier note…..they are really for the parents anyway, right? :) I agree with Allie who said we need to give our kids more credit!

    Kristis last blog post..Thankful Thursday

  10. How old is your daughter? I have heard not to let my son (who is almost 6 months old) not have his pacifier after he turns 1. I am already not looking forward to it! Thankfully he only uses it for naps on occasion and at night to fall asleep…

    Kamas last blog post..Family Connections

  11. I keep telling myself that it is NOT a Spring teaser…no no no…please Dear GOD…please…no more winter! HA HA HA!

    Bobbis last blog post..TT-Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig

  12. OOO .. my heart bleeds for you … but minivan’s aren’t so bad anymore …

    I totally hope you don’t have to go back to snowboots cause I agree with your flip-flop theory …

    Nydias last blog post..Photo-of-the-week: Blair Witch Project – Pre-K version

  13. We also just joined the minivan club…just this weekend in fact. It’s actually more of my hubby’s vehicle than mine, as my car can accommodate a growing family and his could not. It’s not too bad in my opinion, but I’ve never had a problem with them…I’m too practical to not see the good side of them!

    Kayes last blog post..Tuesday Free For All

  14. You made the minivan plunge! All of my friends here have a minivan and have been trying to lure me to their side :) I was hoping spring was here, too. After spending the last week in Florida where it was in the 80’s everyday, coming home to the 40’s was a kick in the gut. I refuse to go back to my non flip flop shoes. REFUSE!!

    Heathers last blog post..I Just Might Be Watching Too Much What Not To Wear

  15. Minivans are funny things. I swore I’d never own one. Then when I got one, I loved it. But 6 years later, I gotta say; I’m over it. :-) I can’t wait to move on. But girl, if anyone can rock the minivan, it’s YOU! So enjoy! :-)

    Musings of a Housewifes last blog post..Fashion Friday: Town Gowns and Skinny Jeans

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