A Family Update: Cause You Are Dying to Know

beach    Whatever does a blogger do when they don’t know what to write about? I think it is in the rule book that they have to make some sort of list. And since I haven’t been talking about my family NEAR enough I though I would give you some updates.

  • Silas got 3 new teeth today. TODAY. And don’t hate me, but outside of a very runny nose and a little bit of extra snuggles (and who could complain about that) he barely complained at all. He wins award for least fussy child EVAH.
  • In the so cute it hurts category, Silas has learned to blow kisses, clap, give five and, although ridiculously inconsistently, will lay down his head when you say go nigh-nigh. Oh.my.word. the cuteness is too much.
  • Lily rode her bike around a local lake this week. 4.3 miles. Although I am bursting with pride about that, what I am most proud of is that she fell two times on the way around. Because sometimes it isn’t about the goal, it is about perseverance.
  • Also in the bursting with pride category, Lily got a few new piano books at a garage sale, sat down at the piano and played a few songs. Oh I hope she loves music like I do. And I hope when she forms her all girl rock band she lets her aging mom at least sing back up.
  • Hannah, well she keeps us all laughing. All.the.time. She might very well be the funniest person I know. Seriously. And when she isn’t making us laugh she is entertaining us with her dancing. It seems like she isn’t complete if there isn’t music on to dance to. She is our little ballerina.
  • The other thing I want to celebrate about Hannah, sadly just isn’t celebrated enough. She is so empathetic and I learn from her tender heart for other people every day. Today she broke something of her sister’s and I think she was more sad than Lily. It hurt her so much that she had hurt someone else. Oh, that she might keep that spirit as she gets older.
  • One more week until school starts. Can I get a hallelujah? I know most of you have started already, and believe me, we ALL need school to start around here. We are all craving routine and order and a little bit of time away from each other. Does that make me a bad mom?
  • In related news, I got a new calendar. Is there anything more wonderful than a blank calendar. Oh the joy of a blank slate. But now that it is filled in, I am a bit nervous to turn the page to September and October. Holy busy batman.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I am so insanely proud to be married to my hubby. And I am not just typing that as a test to see if he reads my blog (ahem). I love doing life with him and love how much fun we have doing it. Life, that is. Together. I meant how much fun we have doing life together. Just checking to see if you are still with me.


  1. I love that I can read how much pride and happiness you have in all of this. :) This is really what family is all about. Great update.

  2. I really enjoyed reading the love you have for your family. Thank you for sharing.
    Marj M. recently posted…Can you hear the bones in my neck crackingMy Profile

  3. It’s too bad you don’t like your family. ;)
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…We needed a weekend like thisMy Profile

  4. One more week….
    Jen @ BigBinder recently posted…Recipe RoundtableMy Profile

  5. You said “doing it”. Heh. ;)
    OrdinarySarah recently posted…Here We Go AgainMy Profile

  6. I was so glad we started school last week. I wish I could send my two preschool age kids to a mother’s day out program. We are all benefiting from a routine. And my fall calendar is also alarmingly full.

  7. But when does Silas start spelling his name?
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…We needed a weekend like thisMy Profile

  8. Love your family update….love your comments about your husband
    Tricia recently posted…Tomorrow is Sunday!My Profile

  9. Great Post! Someday (once we decide it’s time to start having kids) I can do a fun post like this…no rush though!!
    Andrea @ Simple Organized Living recently posted…30th Anniversary GiftMy Profile

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