A Clothes Shoppin' We Will Go

  I am a reformed clothes-a-holic. By reformed, I mean my husband put me on a budget when we got married. Cause when we met I had no budget. And possibly a huge closet full of clothes. It is also possible many of them had tags on them. I may have had a problem, but let me be clear, “reformed” means I am on a budget. It does not mean that if I won the lottery tomorrow I wouldn’t buy a whole new wardrobe with a walk in closet to match.

So today, in the spirit of a new month, I hit the mall to spend my clothing budget. In the spirit of Vintage Dutch Girl who is always showing the world what clothing she would buy, I thought I would let you share in the booty I hauled home today. Please note, I will not be showing my actual booty. Sorry to disappoint.

First, my white pants. I heard they were a must have for the spring. I will confess as I was buying them I was thinking, “Where on earth can I stay at home mom wear white pants?” Tonight I wore them to church. And 2 people told me I looked skinny, so I just might wear these everywhere.

I wore them with a green polo shirt and these shoes.

I felt a little bit like you should call me Buffy as you handed me my ice tea at the country club.

While at Penny’s I also got an adorable white blouse and some awesome white wedge sandals, but I can’t find them on the website and am too lazy to go take a picture of them. Clearly white was a theme. Which I think is a brilliant choice when raising children who constantly are covered in jelly.

While at Payless, I discovered they were having their BOGO sale and I felt that it would just be plain wrong not to buy another pair. Not only wrong, but frugally irresponsible. So I bought these.

And I still had some budget left over. Where to spend that money?? Target might just be calling my name. Yes, I know. I have a problem.



  1. Love those shoes!

    Btw, thanks for visiting me this weekend while I’ve been in bed recovering. Your comments cheered me up!

  2. Maxime says:

    Love love love the green wedges!!!

    I think I need to talk to the hubs about a clothing budget……

  3. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem ;)

    I’ve been stuck in the first step for a LOOONNNNGGGG time…

  4. I don’t have a problem..ohhh wait…..

  5. I wouldn’t call that a problem…just, geez, ask me to go with you next time, K?

  6. We ended up at Shoe Carnival yesterday, and they had the same sale – Clare got 2 new pair of shoes, and I did too. I figured I deserved it since I haven’t had new shoes in like a year or something.

  7. I am thrilled that white pants are a must have this spring because I have a pair that I actually wore to church today too, and wasn’t sure if I was even in the right decade. Everyone around me was in beige, but if you say so…

  8. goodideamomma says:

    You are so very brave to wear white. With these two little Picassos over here, it is a rarity that any light colored clothes are worn by anyone in my family.

  9. adventuremom says:

    White pants! You are brave with little kids. :)

  10. karenamundson says:

    Guess where I’m going today? JC Penny’s to use my $10 coupon on guess what – those white pants & maybe the shoes. Love them!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. karenamundson says:

    Oh and I love the Payless shoes. I swear whenever I go in there I can’t find anything cute. But then I’ll comment on someone’s shoes and they’ll tell me they got them from Payless. I don’t get it. I might swing by there too and see if we have them. I would have never guessed Payless!

  12. I went out and bought myself some white capris right before the cruise and LOVE Them. Don’t know what it is about white, but I’m hooked. My husband and I just agreed last night that we will be spending our economy stimulus 50/50. He gets $600 to buy a new suit, and I get $600 to buy a new wardrobe. Yippee for money that was not included in our budget cause I need some new clothes.

  13. Krysty says:

    Uh oh…Playful Professional might have just given me too many ideas about spending the stimulus. Not good!
    Love the clothes & shoes, Jill. Will you come shop for me now? I hate shopping for myself! Too overwhelming! I’ve always said I needed a personal shopper, but maybe I just need to follow your website and go from there! :-)

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