40 Reasons on Your 40th

Ryan turned 40 on Friday and I am so blessed to call him my husband. Will you bear with me while I write a sappy, vomit inducing post about the 40 reasons I love him? It seems like too big a birthday to slip by uncelebrated on the blog.

ryan and jill

  1. He makes me laugh. Every. single. day.
  2. He loves his family passionately.
  3. He cooks. Well.
  4. He can dance. We are typically the last people on the floor at a wedding reception.
  5. He loves it when I sing karaoke.
  6. He is crazy generous and loves to look for ways to share our resources with those who have less than us.
  7. He is passionate about our ministry preparing people for marriage.
  8. He loves crazy weird food, but finds friends to go try them with him at various ethnic restaurants. My ethnic food loves include Mexican and Italian.
  9. He is a foodie and loves to try out new restaurants with me.
  10. He still laughs at fart jokes. At age 40. And will until he dies.
  11. He washes the pans because I hate doing it.
  12. He notices things like new haircuts and clothes.
  13. He is a great in-law to my family.
  14. He is always up for splitting a dessert.
  15. He lets me sleep in.
  16. He’s a guy. From Michigan. But he doesn’t hunt.
  17. He appreciates design and fashion, But also spends a lot of time in t-shirts and track pants.
  18. He loves trying out fine wines, but is also equally happy with a two buck chuck.
  19. Despite his love of country music (barf) he generally has really good music taste. We often can be heard singing loudly together along to the radio.
  20. He LOVES a good road trip.
  21. He works really hard to provide for our family.
  22. He prays over our children every single night without fail.
  23. He eats nearly everything I cook without complaint. Even the meals that bomb miserably.
  24. He is usually the one to apologize first to his stubborn wife.
  25. He is a good listener.
  26. He is my best friend.
  27. He is a cheerleader for this crazy blog.
  28. He brings me chocolate because I could care less about flowers.
  29. He looks good a little grayer (which does tick me off a little)
  30. We frequently get caught laughing at totally inappropriate times because we have the same weird sense of humor and know what the other is thinking with just a look.
  31. He has integrity.
  32. He likes to praise me to others when I can hear him.
  33. He’s almost always the “fun parent”.
  34. He dreams with me.
  35. He is an incredible father.
  36. He thinks I prettiest with no makeup on in my pajamas.
  37. He doesn’t like musicals, but he goes to them with me anyway. And lo and behold he loves Wicked and Sound of Music.
  38. He will always watch Anchorman when it is on.
  39. He values my job as a stay at home mom.
  40. Most importantly, he thinks he is the one that married up (silly man).

Happy birthday to my favorite person on earth. You have been celebrated for two weeks straight, but even that seems inadequate. Hope I get to spend the next 40 laughing with you!!


  1. Thanks Jilly! I love you.

  2. Ryan is a blessing to us all!

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