25 Random Things

I saw this over at my friend Lisa’s blog and thought it might be fun to play along over here. It has been awhile since I have done a random post about me and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t indulge in some self-absorbed posts from time to time???

  • Name – Jill Suzanne Anderson
  • Location – Grand Rapids, MI
  • Hometown – Marshalltown, IA
  • Current Occupation – mom, chauffeur, chef, cleaning lady, blogger
  • Past Occupation – pediatric physical therapist
  • My style – casual chic (is that a thing?)
  • Typical “Uniform” – tunic/sweater, skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, boots or booties
  • Favorite coffee – um no. ew. but I am a lover of tea
  • Favorite food splurge – anything peanut butter and chocolate
  • Favorite splurge – facials or massage
  • Favorite music – I love a lot of different music, but hate country. like HATE.
  • ALWAYS in my kitchen – apples, avocados, Justin’s almond butter, and Pirate’s Booty
  • Travel outside of the USA – actually quite a lot. Mexico, Canada, England, France, Belize, Costa Rica, lots of the Caribbean, China and Japan
  • Dream vacation – Eastern Europe
  • Favorite weather – low 70s, high 60s fall
  • Pet Peeves – eating noises, out of tune singing, women who squat and pee on the seat
  • What makes me smile – my kiddos, my husband’s sense of humor, puppy snuggles, unexpected acts of kindness, The Mindy Project, family game night
  • Favorite date – “foodie” food, a giant glass of red wine, snuggles in front of the fire, lots of laughter
  • Cats or Dogs – oh my word dogs, dogs, dogs
  • Inspired by – a good book, mountains, my kid’s art, turning leaves
  • Obsessions – Taylor Swift (yeah, I went there), Friday Night Lights, cooking from scratch, red wine
  • Quiet or Loud? depends
  • Morning or Evening? evening
  • Black or White? black
  • Peanuts or Popcorn. popcorn

Your turn? Tell me something about you!



  1. Cindy says:

    I love reading these types of posts, even from people I don’t know! So…
    1. Apparently, we live about a mile from each other (according to the address on your site). I’ve probably driven down your street dozens of times because the neighborhood has a ton of garage sales.
    2. Cats. Sorry, but having a dog seems like having a toddler for 12 or so years.
    3. I’m afflicted with misophonia (sp?) and left-right confusion.
    4. In my 40+ years, I’ve always lived in a town with the words Grand or Rapids in it. Also, only two of those years were on an East-West running street. Minus the three month study abroad program, I have no clue what direction I was facing but they did say Grand a lot!
    5. I haven’t seen the classic Christmas movies. I’ve seen parts of the one with the tongue on the pole and the leg lamp, but not all the way through. Cartoon or animated ones though, I think I’ve seen them all.
    6. I have over 800 jigsaw puzzles.

  2. Here’s one: the first 21 years of my life I spent living on HWY 11 in VA – even when I was in college over 200 miles away from home. Then for the next 3 yrs I was less than 3 miles off that road, now 120 miles in the opposite direction. I skipped a little over a year, then taught at a school right off HWY 11 in Slidell, LA.
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  3. Ha! i love that you played along! and yes….peanut butter!!!!!!

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