Best Baby Tips- Works For Me Wednesday (Plus a GIVEAWAY!!)

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I haven’t really mentioned it yet on the blog, but I was on TV last week. It is long story how it came to be, but basically my hubby and I went on to talk about relationship issues in honor of Valentine’s Day. We had fun, the camera CLEARLY adds more than 10 pounds and I am sure we helped a whole one person. But the funniest thing was the bio line they ran underneath my face while I was talking. It said, Jill Anderson- Marriage Expert.

It seems to have inflated my ego quite a bit because today I am also going to try and pass myself off as some sort of parenting expert. I figure 7 years in and 3 kids later I know all there is to know about raising these kiddos. Of course the only TRUE parenting experts are those who have no children. They know exactly what to do and what not to do with everyone’s kids. But I am going to share a few tips that I have found to be true in my years of parenting. Keep in mind, I am an expert.

  1. Sleep begets more sleep: It seems counter intuitive. Surely the way to get your children to sleep longer at naps and sleep in later in the morning is to keep them up a bit later at night. That is a recipe for disaster people. Disaster. Try putting your baby to bed a bit earlier at night and after a few days of adjustment you might get the sleep you so long for.
  2. Schedules are good, very good: It kind of stinks you can’t just do whatever you want and this little person will just roll with the punches. While my kids have always been flexible, I think the key to making them so was to generally stick to a regular routine. I am a bit of a sleep nazi so all things in life revolve around them keeping their naps and bedtimes as regular as possible. My kids are champion sleepers and, outside of a strong gene pool of people who likey the sleepy, I think this is due to maintaining routines.
  3. Let your kids eat what you eat: Man did I mess this up with the first kid. She ate baby food for way too long, just like the jars told me to. When she transitioned to real food, she only was fed standard toddler fare. And to this day, she pretty much only like standard toddler fare- chicken nuggets, plain pasta, PB&J, pizza and hotdogs. She will eat other things but a lot of it is a battle. Silas ate jarred food for maybe a month or two and then started eating everything we ate that we mushed up a bit. He will eat the spiciest  and weirdest  foods around. As well as some completely non food entities, but that is another post entirely.
  4. Germs, schmerms: If you only knew how little I do to keep germs away from my kiddos you might be astounded to know they are rarely sick. Quit being such a freak about germs and let your kids get a little dirty. I could go into a bunch of science here, but just trust me. Loosen up.
  5. Love your baby daddy (or mommy in case any men are reading): Even though he/she would have you believe otherwise, that baby is NOT the center of the universe. None of your kids are. Your spouse comes first. So easy to type, so hard to do. But the best thing you can do for your kids is to provide a stable, loving household for them to be raised in. On this one at least you should pay attention. After all, I am Jill Anderson, Marriage Expert.
    I am really excited to be part of a discussion on The Motherhood this Thursday, February 24th about hints for baby care in day-to-day life. It will be hosted by, internationally syndicated columnist, Heloise. Who is better to give tips than the woman behind “Hints From Heloise? This Talk is sponsored by Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment and I will be a co-host.

I had not used Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment before receiving a wonderful gift basket from them and frankly Silas hasn’t had many diaper rashes thankfully. But he was nice enough to get a horrible one just in time for this post. Seriously, it was ugly. I was really impressed with Dr. Smith’s. His rash cleared up immediately.

They want you to experience their ointment as well. One of my lucky readers will receive a Dr. Smith’s Gift Basket filled with a bunch of Dr. Smith’s products, teddy bears, items signed by Heloise, and a number of baby-essential products. Two more winners will receive a product sample package filled with Dr. Smith’s products!

To enter, simply leave me a comment below letting me know one of your best tips or ideas for caring for babies. I will draw three winners at random on Mar. 1st from the comments below. Best of luck!

Also, The Motherhood will write up a list of the best hints from the talk as a great resource. So make sure to join me for the chat on Thurs. the 24th at 1pm ET. I would love to see some friendly “faces” and there will be more awesome prizes to win.

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Top Ten Crazy Things Heard in the Diaper Diary House The Past Few Days


Alternately titled: Longest blog title ever. Alternate-Alternate title: I am ready for some boring.

  1. “Mama, I don’t want to get married. I really don’t want to have to share a bed. Do I have to share a bed or can we have bunk beds?”- Lily, age 7
  2. “MOM, Lily won’t let me play with her belly button!!!!”- Hannah, age 4
  3. “Have you seen the remote?”- Hubby to me a full 4 days after we got a new one off EBay because we lost the first one. I hate to blame Silas, but he loves to hide things. *it still hasn’t been found
  4. “It looks like he has a double ear infection with a sinus infection. It also looks like he is getting his molars and his canines as well.”- Doctor regarding Silas after 4 days of a fever.
  5. “Come on kids, let’s go out and enjoy this weather. Get your bike helmets”- Hubby at noon on Saturday.
  6. “We are almost home from Chicago but we can only go 20 miles an hour because of the ice storm.”- My parents at 5 pm on Sunday.
  7. “I really can’t handle it if school is cancelled tomorrow.”- Me last night before bedtime
  8. “School is cancelled”- Me this morning when I checked my email at 5 am because my poor sick son had woken up.
  9. “If you saw me out and about today keep in mind it was a snow day and I had 2 sick kids. I have not, I repeat have not, ‘let myself go’ ahem.”- My tweet and Facebook status update today. Because seriously. It was NOT pretty.
  10. Cheating and throwing the question back to you. What crazy things have been going on at your house lately?
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When Multi-Tasking Goes Bad


So I got a ticket today. Red lights flashing, license and registration asking, call this number for your fine ticket. Delightful. It was in my neighborhood at a, in my humble opinion, unnecessarily placed stop sign. Apparently my “stop” wasn’t good enough. Blerg.

The deal was, Thursday is my no kids day or better known as “Grandma day”. Or even better known as my little slice of heaven. Clearly I love my kids, but I need a day to run errands, get caught up on work and most importantly get caught up on the trashy TV shows my hubby won’t watch with me because he finds them appalling.

Today I had arranged to get a pedicure with one of my friends I hadn’t seen in a while. But there was only one pedicurist and two of us so they took a little longer than usual. Major first world problem. This made me a bit late to pick up Silas for a paid taste test. So I called my mom on the way to tell her to get him all ready so we wouldn’t be late for the taste test. Combine being in a hurry with talking on my cell phone and that equals me missing the cop sitting in wait for people blowing off the stop sign.

Can I just take a moment to say that if cops are sitting waiting for people to roll through a stop sign, perhaps I am not the only one. And if that is the case, perhaps I am right in asserting that it is unnecessary. It should be a yield at best. Who’s with me?

Anywho, the point is I am a multi-tasker. Sometimes to my demise. Today, clearly to my demise. I don’t like to just do one thing at once unless that thing is laying in bed under warm covers. Actually I usually combine that with whining at people to leave me alone and let me sleep. So even that leads to multi-tasking.

You may remember me mentioning that Bounce was my main sponsor for Blissdom. You may also remember that I am squarely in Team Bar. One of the characteristics of bar people is that they are multi-taskers. Well if the shoe fits.


Perhaps if you were at Blissdom you stopped by the Bounce suite and took the Bounce quiz. Or maybe you have taken the super fun quiz over on Facebook you can find when you “like” them to see whether you are a Bar or a Sheet person. What did you find out? Are you a bar or a sheet? So many of you were excited about the idea of the bar after my last post, did you try it out? Let me know in the comments which team you are on!

Disclaimer: Bounce provided me with a Blissdom conference ticket and hotel room, but they did not compensate me in any other way to write this post.  All opinions and love of the Bounce Bar are all my own.

Dayspring- Things I Love Thursday (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

TILT I began reading the (in)courage blog a while back because a few of my favorite bloggers write for them. I don’t always get a chance to read every post, but I find myself frequently putting them in my weekend reviews because they often times speak so clearly to me. For the last two years at Blissdom, the ladies of (in)courage have hosted a super fun “beach party” filled to the brim with chocolate and laughter and gorgeous décor.

That décor is brought to you by Dayspring. As I looked around the room my eyes got big and I pretty much thought, “I’ll take one of those, ooh and one of those, oh and that one too.” So I was super excited when (in)courage and Dayspring offered up a giveaway to one of my readers with a little something for me as well.

I have this teeny tiny outdated bathroom on the main floor of my house that I have spent no time decorating. Actually it was the very room I painted, but then a whole lot of nothing. When I saw the Heart and Globe Canvas Print I knew it would be perfect on the wall and just the thing this little room needed.


It has the beautiful words of John 3:16 surrounding a heart with vivid, gorgeous colors. My bathroom is turquoise and brown so it compliments and completes the room perfectly. I am so happy to finally have something on the wall and the fact that is has such an meaningful message is even cooler.

Would you like to win a gift certificate from Dayspring? I have a $50 one up for grabs. To win, I need you to head over to the Dayspring site and leave me a comment letting me know what you would spend your money on. There are so many beautiful things to chose from I don’t think you will have any problem spending that cash.

For extra entries, link up to Things I Love Thursday and then leave an EXTRA comment letting me know you did so since the winner will be drawn from the comments. Tweet, Facebook or blog about the contest and you can get an extra entry as well. Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each. Good luck!!

Contest is open to US residents only. Winner will be drawn at random on Feb. 23rd.

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