2010 Bloggy Recap

image Jo Lynne over at Musings of a Housewife has hosted a great blog recap carnival for the past few years. I participated last year and it was really fun to look back over my posts for the year. I gave you a few of my favorites on Wednesday, but here are the first lines of the first posts of every month.


Hope you rang in the new year with a bang.

A post about resolutions that I called goals, which are basically resolutions in disguise. Let’s revisit shall we?

  • Eat Healthier: Check. Totally rocked that goal, but continue to try and learn more and eat more “real food” in our diet. But dude, we’ve come a long way baby.
  • Attack student loans: Blerg. 2011 is the year that the student loans die. Seriously.
  • More patient parenting: Uh…… did I mention how healthy we are eating?


Are you a Facebook fan of The Diaper Diaries yet?

Well that is a nice little reminder to go “like” my Facebook page. But no-so-subtle reminders aside, this is a disturbing little post about some of my unwelcome fans. How could a blogger possibly find fans objectionable. Well click on over and find out why. I should also point out I had to delete SEVEN said fans off my Facebook page just today. Apparently this problem is the gift that keeps on giving.


Ever want to be a closet Christian?

I linked to this post on Wednesday. One of my favorites from last year and definitely one of the posts that got the most comments.


You might read this title and think fair trade and frugal do not exactly go together.

I admit I have not done a good job of only buying fair trade chocolate. But I have made a lot of changes in buying local and buying from small vendors when it comes to my food. I just joined a local coop and have gotten to the point where we buy very few things at the actual grocery store.


Bags are packed, schedule is typed up for the caregivers, house is cleaned (not really, it is a mess…something had to give), babies are snuggled, kids are kissed, hubby is boldly ready to be Mr. Mom.

The kick off to my AMAZING trip to the Dominican Republic. Way too much has faded from memory about that trip, but meeting my sponsored child from the last 10 years was something I will never forget. And now we have two more kids “adopted” into our family. In case you weren’t following me then, you can read all about my trip with World Vision here


It’s the Mom: I’m Bored Edition where I impart my wisdom on my bloggy readers on how to not go insane with your kids home all summer.

And here I sit going crazy over a mere two weeks of Christmas vacation. But seriously, this was a post about going to local farms with your kids over the summer to pick seasonal produce. We had so much fun doing that last summer. It really helps my kids see where food actually comes from (as opposed to a grocer’s freezer) and there is nothing like produce and meat straight from the source. So much tastier!


For months now every time I saw a giveaway for The Vintage Pearl I entered, crossed my fingers……….and didn’t win

One of my most popular giveaways ever. And I just wore my necklace yesterday. Still one of my favorite things.


I am driving home from a loooong road trip to Iowa.

Definitely one of the highlights of my year was my trip back to my home state for family reunions. I am still eating up the sweet corn I froze from the farmer’s market and thanks to Facebook am staying close to my way-to-far-away family. Next time I come back I am having a Taylor’s Maid-Rite (which will probably be for my TWENTY YEAR class reunion-how scary is that?)


So anyone who has been reading me for any length of time knows I have made some serious strides towards a greener lifestyle.

Still striding. Well not really striding, but baby stepping. And we are still using the Johnson’s Naturals. Which is really a sad statement on how not often I bathe my children. Maybe that should be a goal for 2011.


Suffering from severe bloggers block.

My AWESOME readers gave me questions to answer. I obliged them with this follow up post.…


Remember like forever ago when I asked you to write questions in the comments and then proceeded to never answer them.

I defy you to find me another blogger who can pull of magic like that! Although it is truly sad that it took me a full month to answer some questions. Procrastination is my friend.


There is nothing I love more than a good pair of pajamas.

I ended up giving the pair of pajamas I reviewed in that post to my mom for Christmas. But I got another pair from my brother and sister in law for Christmas. That is some sort of awesome pajama karma. Next year I am going to give away piles of money and see what happens.


Fun huh? Well fun for me. Head over to Musings of a Housewife to link up and play along. And if you did do a fun recap post let me know in the comments so I can come check it out. Happy 2011 everyone!!


  1. This was a fun read. I love seeing your whole foods journey sort of mirror mine! I have the carnival up now if you want to link up. :-)

  2. I did kind of a year recap in response to your Tuesday’s post! Highlights of my year.
    And really, kids don’t take that much soap, I think I’m still using a bottle of shampoo/body wash for Cory that’s over a year old! ;) So don’t feel bad!
    Krista recently posted…Wordless Wednesday- Far Flung FriendsMy Profile

  3. Thanks for sharing your year.

    I have liked your FB page too, and hopefully you don’t need to banish me :)

    I have done my review too.

    Happy New Year to you and yours from N Ireland :)

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