186,426 More Reasons Blissdom Rocks (Plus a GIVEAWAY!)

hungry kid

Yesterday I was snuggling with Silas post nap and his stomach growled. It startled both of us and he giggled. “That is cause my tummy is hungry” he said. And I sat stunned for a moment as I realized in my ten years of parenting I can’t remember ever hearing that sound before.

Yes, my kids will moan and complain that they are hungry. Yes, my kids will go without a meal because they refuse to eat what I cooked. But true hunger? My kids have never experienced that.

It breaks my heart that there are a whole lot of mamas in our community who can’t say the same.

I have been really inspired by the ConAgra Food’s Child Hunger Ends Here campaign to continue to keep our children involved in eradicating child hunger in our community. Thankfully we have a long standing relationship with Kids Food Basket which is doing amazing work, but we need to step up our volunteering again. I don’t want childhood hunger to seem like something far removed from our lives. This is happening in our “backyard”.

It has been such an honor to work with ConAgra Food’s Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. At Blissdom this year I got to see their work in action. If you followed my Twitter feed, you saw that during Blissdom ConAgra Foods donated 2 meals for every tweet with the hashtag #childhunger. And of course a conference full of social media mavens got to tweeting!!

So much so that 186,426 meals were donated to Feeding America.

In four days, simply by adding a hashtag to the end of a tweet a whole lot of kids will have access to food. That is amazing.

I heard some chatter about “why can’t they just give the food? why the tweeting?” And here is what I have to say. Of course they could and would give. But don’t you sometimes feel like you want to make a difference but it seems so overwhelming? I love that by tweeting and entering codes of food I would buy anyway I get to feel like I have made a difference in a child’s life. Con Agra has simply made it easier for us to feel like we are part of a solution.

Here is a little more about why this program is so awesome from some other bloggers who are involved:


I have a little incentive for you to participate in ConAgra Food’s Child Hunger Ends Here program. I have a a $40 VISA gift card and an autographed Cody Simpson CD (seriously he is a cutie) to give away.

Required entry: Enter a code from a participating ConAgra Food product into my sidebar or below OR take this quick survey about the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.


Simply leave me a comment telling me you did one of those things are you are entered. So easy! (Share on Facebook or Twitter for extra entries. Just let me know you did so in a separate comment)

Easy to donate, easy to win! #winning


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  6. Hi, Jill! Thank you so much for the supportive comment on my blog! I too was so excited and inspired by this campaign, as well as the Shot at Life group at Blissdom. It really made the weekend worthwhile for me. This post was a great way to share that enthusiasm with your readers and show them how to get involved – I love it! I completed the survey and am going to start checking my food labels as well!

  7. I don’t have a code but I did the short 2 page survey about child hunger. Thanks for hosting!
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  9. I took the survey and I feel passionate that there is NO excuse for childhood hunger in America. So many of us are way too blessed with abundance to not share something as simple and basic as food.

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    Shared on FB. Love how passionate you are about such worthy causes and that you use your “powers” for the good of others!

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