15 Recipes You Had No Idea You Could Make at a Campsite

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I will fully admit that I am not much of a camper. But I went to a sleepover camp with my 5th grader last week and it seemed to awaken some sort of latent camper in me. While I’m sure that feeling will wear off quickly, if someone wants to take me camping and make these recipes, I think I would stick myself in a tent for weeks on end.

I made an amazing collection on Foodie.com of the best campfire recipes. I think they lend themselves to a weekend of “glamping” more than camping which is just my style. I mean you can roast weenies and eat beans out of a can if you want, but I’ll take campfire cinnamon rolls and skillet pizza any day. (click through from email or reader)

Check out Easy and Delicious Campfire Food

by Jill Shepherd Anderson at Foodie.com

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