14 Ideas for Back to School Lunches That Are Anything But Boring

Check out Get Out of Your Lunchbox Rut

by Jill Shepherd Anderson at Foodie.com

I wonder how many times between now and the end of August I will start a post with “Can you believe it is back to school time?” Yet it is. And although some days I want summer to slow down and take its time already, other days (like today -WORD), I am ready for my kids to back at school STAT!

One of things I do NOT miss about school is packing lunches. I realize many of you probably have responsible children who pack their own lunches, but if I want my kids to have any sort of healthy anything ever, I need to be slightly in charge of the process. Unless carbs with a side of carbs followed by a sugar chaser is a healthy lunch.

I love this round-up of healthy and fun lunch ideas for when the back to school routine starts up again. Lunches that keep me from getting bored when packing them and lunches that keep my kids from getting bored eating them. Everyone is winning!!

What do you like to pack for lunches to get out of the lunchbox rut?

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  1. This is the part I’m dreading. I’m planning on picking the brains of some more seasoned moms tonight as we work on the classrooms. It’s only 3 days/wk, but no refrigeration or heating and M is super picky. If I can find 5 or 6 different options that will work I’ll consider myself lucky! Thanks for this!
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