13 Years

13 years ago seems like a lifetime ago in some respects. I can hardly remember a time in my life when I wasn’t married to Ryan. In other ways it seems like I blinked and suddenly we have three kids, a mortgage, and an extra ten pounds around our middles.

This last year has been one of our hardest. We have emerged relatively unscathed thanks to the 12 previous years. We have spent 12 years building the best marriage we could possibly build so that when year 13 happened we would be just fine.

Foster care stretched us and grew us. I am so thankful that we did it. And so thankful we did it together. We are better for doing it.

But it got hard to focus on each other in all the chaos and we let things fall a little through the cracks. Thankfully just the little things. All the big things were still there.

I still love this man intensely. He is an amazing husband, father, provider and protector. He is my best friend and no one can make me laugh more than him. I love being married to him. He is the best part of me. He and the kids are the best part of me.

And we can still surprise each other. Today we had a simple lunch at Chipotle and then headed to a gun range for my first time shooting. Because if I am going to tick off things from my bucket list, I am going to do it with this man at my side.


Happy Anniversary babe. Here is to a lifetime more of them.


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