100th Post!!

100.jpg (confetti falls, horns blow) Can you believe it? There is a grand blogging tradition that for your 100th post you post 100 things about yourself. I have created a new page up top for you to view all 100. Check it out here and enjoy. It wasn’t that easy to do.

Also Happy Birthday to my bro!! He is the big 30.


  1. georgiamom says:

    Congrats!! That’s a big accomplishment! Just picture balloons showing up at your door with streaming and party hats. Those would be from me!

  2. congrats on the 100th post. I just started in June and looking forward to my 100th.

  3. Congrats!! I have the Chinese symbol for love tattooed on my back. It was fun to read your stuff.

  4. Hooray!!! Can’t wait til I get there! Congrtas and keep ’em coming!

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