100 Things About Me

  1. I spent most of my growing up in a small town in Iowa- Marshalltown
  2. I briefly had a summer job detassling corn- I lasted 3 days
  3. My favorite job ever was working at Taylor’s Maid-Rite in Marshalltown
  4. I crave those Maid-Rites every time I am pregnant (and you can order them online)
  5. I went to Augustana College in Rock Island, IL
  6. I was a biology major
  7. In college I studied abroad in Asia (Japan, Taiwan and China)
  8. When I stayed with a host family in Japan they asked me what I liked to eat. I said, “Nothing out of the ocean.” They replied. “Not even octopus?” I was very frightened as to what they were going to feed me.
  9. I almost threw up off the Great Wall of China after catching a nasty stomach flu
  10. I also used to frequently take rickshaws to McDonalds in China because I couldn’t stomach the food.
  11. When I got back I got a tattoo of the Chinese symbol for love on my hip
  12. I went to graduate school in Philadelphia
  13. I lived next to the art museum where Rocky runs up the stairs in Rocky 1
  14. You can see my apartment building in the movie
  15. I have a master’s degree in physical therapy
  16. Before having kids I was a pediatric physical therapist working mainly with kids 0-3
  17. The hubby and I got married May 19, 2001
  18. We got engaged after knowing each other 4 months
  19. He proposed by painting me a picture
  20. Now the hubby and I teach marriage preparation at our church
  21. We met at church in Chicago and realized we lived in the same apartment building
  22. From the time I left home at age 18 until I was 30 I moved every year
  23. Growing up I always thought I would have 3 little boys
  24. I ended up with 2 girls and a boy
  25. I gave birth to Hannah and Silas with no drugs
  26. Hannah wasn’t on purpose, but Silas was
  27. I color my hair because I am horribly gray
  28. I started going gray in college.
  29. I recently pierced my nose
  30. My favorite food is anything peanut butter and chocolate (heaven)
  31. I also love Mexican food, especially guacamole
  32. I am a steak snob and only like filet mignon
  33. I LOVE Broadway musicals and am trying desperately to get my husband to also
  34. In high school I was in the musical Oklahoma
  35. Lily did some baby modeling and was on a package of CVS diapers for a really long time
  36. My favorite movie is Gone With the Wind and I also loved the book
  37. I think it is appalling someone wrote a sequel so I never read it
  38. I don’t know how to pick a favorite book, but growing up it was “Diary of Anne Frank”
  39. Anne Frank and I share the same birthday
  40. I have a really hard time not finishing a book that I started even if I don’t like it
  41. I don’t remotely have the same problem with movies. I will turn it right off.
  42. I once saw Milli Vanilli in concert
  43. I believe there in only 1 correct way to load a dishwasher
  44. I believe I am the only person who knows how to do it correctly
  45. Growing up we called carbonated beverages pop, but after living in Philadelphia I call them soda and think pop sounds silly
  46. I started singing solos in church when I was 10
  47. I sang “Arms of Love” by Amy Grant for my first song
  48. Now, I lead worship at my church
  49. I took piano lessons for 9 years and still play
  50. I grew up in a Christian home, going to church since birth
  51. In high school, I was president of FCA despite not being an athlete in any way
  52. I tried cross country in high school and faked an injury in my first meet to get out of running
  53. I was usually in the bottom 5 runners in the race
  54. In high school, I weighed 98 pounds despite eating everything in site; I had great metabolism
  55. My New Year’s resolution every year was to reach 100 pounds
  56. I finally reached it my senior year in college
  57. What an ungrateful fool I was :)
  58. I hate that I love reading People and US Magazine
  59. I don’t like coffee or beer despite people telling me that I would grow to like each
  60. In high school I saw the movie “Silence of the Lambs” and had to sleep with my parents afterwards (I was in high school people)
  61. I hate camping, but my hubby keep trying to change my mind. It isn’t working.
  62. I have a black thumb. Not literally, but I kill all plants.
  63. I don’t have any living grandparents. I miss them.
  64. I love to sing karaoke.
  65. My favorite songs to sing are Respect and Why Haven’t I Heard From You (Reba McEntire)
  66. I don’t like touching people’s feet. My hubby likes to torture me by putting his feet near me.
  67. I used to suck my thumb hence…
  68. I had braces
  69. I had glasses/contacts
  70. I have since had Lasix
  71. My biggest pet peeve is women who squat at public restrooms to avoid germs on the toilet seat. Then they leave pee on the toilet seat which begins the vicous cycle. Just put toilet paper down people!
  72. I have a large capacity to store useless infomation in my brain making me a formidable competitor in Trivial Pursuit
  73. I rock at useless pop culture trivia
  74. I was always in advanced math in school, but I still sometimes use my fingers to add
  75. My favorite dog is a pug and I long to own one someday. I will name her Pugsly.
  76. I love “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dancing With the Stars” and would love to take a tap or hip-hop class
  77. My favorite flower is a hydrangea
  78. I love pedicures and massages
  79. My cell phone ringtone is “Shackles” by Mary Mary
  80. I don’t like amusement park rides, they make me sick
  81. I love cooking
  82. I love eating out more
  83. My dad used to call me Willy growing up
  84. My hubby calles me Jill E. Bean
  85. Autumn is my favorite season cause I love the changing colors
  86. I am not much of a cat person. My hubby is allergic so that solves that problem.
  87. I love the mini series the Thorn Birds so much that everyime I have a girl I want to name her Megan so I can call her Meggie
  88. I don’t really know what my favorite color would be, but if I had to pick I would say yellow
  89. I am also all about the color combination chocolate brown and robin’s egg blue at the moment
  90. I am not scared of needles or blood, but sometimes I faint when having blood drawn
  91. The first CD I ever bought was C & C Music Factory “Gonna Make You Sweat”
  92. When my husband met me, one of our first dates was going wine tasting. At the time I was regularly drinking White Zinfandel out of a box
  93. Now I think there are few things better than a glass of rich, dry red and some dark chocolate.
  94. I never miss and episode of The Good Wife or New Girl
  95. I don’t like pepperoni pizza.
  96. I prefer sausage and mushroom.
  97. I love going to football games and talking trash to the other team
  98. My husband does not like it when I do that
  99. I organize my closet by type of clothes and color and sometimes it bothers me that my hubby doesn’t

And finally……(is anyone still reading this)

100. I sang back up for Barry Manilow in college