Military Jacket Remix- Pinterest Inspired Fashion

Military Jackets are everywhere this spring. My love for military inspired fashion goes way back whether it be the camo jacket I had in college (so mad I don’t still have that) or the navy peacoat I loved in my 20s. These past few seasons I have gone all in on this trend with my camo pants, my camo shirt or my military jacket. I may or may not have also just ordered a pair of camo shorts. Um, I might be in need of an intervention.

Despite the fact that it snowed last night (UGH), I am powering through and dressing for spring. Which means no more winter jackets, no more tall boots and lots of brights and florals. I am freezing, but happy (but freezing). My military jacket is the perfect lightweight jacket for spring and it has been getting a WORKOUT lately.

To get some inspiration for my jacket, I turned to my fave source of fashion inspiration these days. PINTEREST!! Here is my attempt at recreating a few great looks I found.

Military and Neon Inspired Look


For this first look I was inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Alison from Get Your Pretty On. I loved how she paired olive green and a neon yellow. I got this neon yellow striped sweater from Loft last year as I dipped my toe in the neon trend. I would have never in a million years thought to wear it with olive, but I love how the look turned off.

Jacket: JC Penney
Sweater: Loft (similar)
Jeans: Target (similar)
Shoes: Younkers (similar)

Military Mint Collage

For my second look I imitated another one of my favorites in the fashion blog world, Audrey from Putting Me Together. I have long had a love affair with mint and navy, but again, I would not have typically paired it with olive. I love how this look came together and actually got several compliments when I was out and about today. I was unable to recreate the adorable mint flats because a) I don’t own any and b) IT WAS SNOWING (in April, serenity now)

Jacket: JC Penney
Tee: Target
Pants: Old Navy (similar)
Shoes: c/o Land’s End
Necklace: Groopdealz (similar)

How did I do? Which look is your favorite?

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10 Fun and (Fairly) Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Ten Easter Egg Ideas

First, a confession: I don’t really enjoy decorating Easter eggs. Well full confession: I don’t really enjoy any sort of crafting with my kids at all. I fully believe this is why God invented grandparents. But maybe you are one of those amazing craft loving moms. Or maybe you just want to forward this post on to Grandma. No judging here.

Anyway, with the Easter season upon us, I thought it would be nice to roundup some of the fun ways you can decorate Easter eggs with your kids.

1. Fingerprint Eggs:



This idea from Sassy Dealz is so adorable (totally digging the toilet paper roll holders) and pretty simple. With your help even the littlest kid can pull off a fingerprint. If you want to really knock it out of the park you could save them each year to remember how teeny tiny your kid’s fingers used to be.

2. Sharpie Tie-Dyed Eggs



Sharpies are like a forbidden fruit in our house. My kids desperately want to use them but I try to avoid letting them anywhere near permanent markers. But for these eggs from Housing a Forest, they get to use Sharpies till their heart’s content. Oh Happy Day!!

3. Shaving Cream Dyed Eggs: 

shaving cream egg


There is nothing more awesome than your mom telling you to make a giant mess. Sticking your hands in a pile of dyed shaving cream and squishing an egg around in it? Mom of the year award is coming your way for sure. This is a crazy easy method and the eggs turn out really cool. Thanks to A Thrifty Mom.

4. Chalkboard Eggs

Chalkboard Paint Eggs


I happen to have some chalkboard spray paint lying around (Pinterest will make you buy crazy things) so this one would be so easy to pull off. It’s Overflowing uses actual paint, but spray paint would be even easier. The best part about these is that you can decorate them over and over.

5. Polka Dot Easter Eggs



I love all things polka dot. And yes these do involve glitter (the herpes of the craft world), but Domestifluff also gives a great tutorial at the end of her post about how to make these using decorative sugar. Still messy, but less likely to stick to every single surface imaginable and make your life a living you know what.

6. Glitter Eggs



Yes, I know what I just said. But maybe you love glitter. And maybe these sparkly eggs are hard to resist (I gotta admit, they kind of are. Plus Totally The Bomb makes it crazy easy. Maybe this time the glitter wouldn’t be so bad…….

7. Melted Crayon Eggs

melted crayon eggs


I came across one idea for melted crayon eggs that literally had you melting crayons and rolling your eggs in them. Seems like an incredibly messy way to get burned fingers. Thankfully this idea from S.A.S Interiors is much simpler. Again, this could be done easily with really little kids and is much more fun than plain colored eggs.

8. Drip Art Eggs



I think this one has the potential to be quite messy, but I absolutely love the look of these metallic paints and the rainbow colors it makes. Red Ted Art calls it drip art and I think the finished products would make a gorgeous centerpiece.

9. Silk Dyed Easter Eggs



Okay so this one is really more for the grownup crafters. Simply head to your local thrift store, gather up some pretty ties and these gorgeous, swoon worthy eggs can be yours. It is a process that takes some time, but I think the results are well worth it. Head over to mama. papa. bubba to see the close up finished project. Gorgeous!

10. Color By Number Easter Eggs



This idea from No Time For Flash Cards is so fun because it incorporates egg decorating and MATH!! Perfect for home schooling families or anyone who wants to sneak a little math into their kid’s day. Simply number your Sharpies, roll the dice, count and color. How fun is that?

I have lots more fun Easter ideas and recipes over on my Easter Pinterest page. Make sure to check that out!

Five Best Apps For Traveling With Kids

road-trip road-trip

What do you do when you don’t have any plans for Spring Break and the entire state of Michigan is heading to Florida?

You head to Sheboygan, Wisconsin of course!

Okay so it wasn’t exactly like that. But Ryan had work in Sheboygan and Chicago and he planned it for the week of spring break so we tagged along. I squeezed in dinner with my college roommate and her family in Milwaukee and we got to spend time in my favorite city on the planet, The Windy City.

But first there was Sheboygan…..

So I turned to a few of my favorite travel apps and we ended up having a really good time. Well except for the sibling bickering and lack of sleep that led to me wanting to lose my mind. Is there an app for that? #keepinitreal

1. Roadtrippers: Based on the Roadripper website, this app was my favorite!! Simply enter your road trip route and it points out  attractions, history, nature, shopping and more. Not to mention eating and lodging. It brought about the biggest surprises of the road trip. In the middle of a Chicago suburb, next to houses of average nature, we found a 17,000 square foot pyramid with a huge statue of Ramses out front. Oh and it is plated in gold. Pure Awesome.

gold pyramid


We also found the Jelly Belly warehouse factory tour. We ate our weight in Jelly Belly’s and sampled such flavors as Tabasco Sauce, Draft Beer and Grass. Because why not?

jelly belly


2. Trip Advisor: I use this app andwebsite obsessively. Whenever I am in a new place I always look through the restaurant reviews and for the list of the top attractions. It led us to a super fun children’s museum in Sheboygan. We spent a ridiculous amount of time there (partly because it was raining and most of the other top attractions were outdoors). And as luck would have it, right across the street was a top rated restaurant that specialized in bacon. BACON.

3. Yelp: My go to guide for restaurants (see bacon above). I use it mostly when I am traveling without the kids, but it is kind of a must have with kids as well. When you are in a strange place you really need to know if you are going to show up to a place that is totally unkid friendly. The last thing a couple on their first date needs is my four year old telling a fart joke. Or my 40 year old husband laughing hysterically at it.

4. Sit or Squat: No matter how many times you say to your kids, “Do you have to go to the bathroom before we get back in the car for a long drive?”, they will always have to go to the bathroom 3-7 minutes after you get back on the road. We have taken a LOT of roadtrips and we have gone to a lot of nasty restrooms out of desperation. Including one on our trip to Florida last year that I still can’t unsee. Sit or squat helps you find the clean ones. Thank goodness someone dreamt this up.

5. UberWhen we go to Chicago my kids think going on the El is like going on a ride to Disney. Same with riding a bus. They are living sad, un-citified lives. But sometimes the El and bus just aren’t convenient. I can risk all our lives in a cab, or we can rid like kings with Uber. You download the app, ask for a pickup, and a towncar comes and picks you up. But the awesome part is that the app is linked to your credit card so you don’t have to deal with any cash. It just automatically charges you and adds on the tip. The app will show you an estimated cost before you “book” your car. I thought the cost was very comparable to a cab ride, maybe a little more, but well worth it to avoid the hassle. (sign up with my link and we both get a $10 credit. WOOT!)

Honorable mention goes to my white noise app because falling asleep in a hotel room with kids is some sort of 7th circle of hell.

Do you have any favorite apps when you travel with kids?



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It Started With A Whisper

depression blogger series

I have been a pretty glass half-full person most of my adult life. Actually most of my life in general, if you ignore a prolonged period of moodiness and drama during the teenage years. In all honesty, life has given me very little to complain about. I had a happy, stable childhood, had a lot of fun in college, met a great guy who makes a great husband and have three amazing children.
A few summers back though, I felt like the rug got pulled out from under me when out of nowhere I spiraled into a place where I couldn’t stop crying for days on end and I could barely muster the will to get out of bed.
It started with a whisper. I began noticing in the morning when I woke up that I felt a tightness in my chest and like something very bad was about to happen. It wasn’t like I had nightmares, but the way I woke up you would think that I had.  Suddenly I felt my heart racing at the weirdest times and I just couldn’t shake the “fight or flight” feeling. I told my husband it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I just felt the weight of the world bearing down on me. And I couldn’t seem to catch my breath.