Sunday (Fine Monday) Chat

Sorry I missed Sunday chat by a day. For some inexplicable reason my kids did not have school today (shoot me) and so I am all off on my days. Last night was a BBQ, let the kids stay up late, enjoy the first summer-esque evening kind of night. And that was followed by a “crash at 10pm” kind of bedtime. So no blogging for me!

Last week flew by in a whirlwind of activity. I love all the special moments that happen at the end of the school year, but any mom of school aged kids will agree it is also maddening to try to hop from one thing to the next and keep all the plates spinning. Last week was two different “Grandparent’s Day” events at school so thankfully the grandparents shouldered much of the responsibility and I got a little time all to myself. Can’t tell you for the life of me how I spent it which must mean it was just what the doctor ordered.

Thursday night Ryan and I hit the town for a charity event. We got nice and gussied up for the occasion:


All the stars aligned for my gussying. I got my hair colored on Tuesday and we lightened it up a bit for the summer. Then I got my April Golden Tote with this amazing dress in it. I wanted a cool thick belt to go with it so I ran to Goodwill and scored this one. Even our tree cooperated and bloomed at just the right time! We had a lot of fun hanging out and staying out until 9:30. Wild and carefree on a school night!! (my 20 year old self is shaking her head in shame).

Friday night I took Hannah to a local high school production of Music Man. I am a giant musical junkie and totally want my kids to be too. But taking them to plays all the time breaks the bank. So I am always on the lookout for high school productions. They usually do a really good job and I only have to shell out $10 a ticket. Win and win. Lily didn’t want to see Music Man despite my insistence it was awesome (and about my home state of Iowa!!). I think Hannah momentarily regretted saying yes when I tried to sing along to a lot of the songs. Whatever. She doesn’t even know how cool I am. And because it wasn’t a school night we stayed out until TEN. It’s like I’m some sort of party animal.

Lily was home with her dad and stumbled upon my self tanner I had put on earlier in the day. So Ryan thought “How hard can this be?” and let Lily have a go. I came home to a streaked Oompah Loompah. Good times. Thankfully she had really only applied it to her arms and so we just wore long sleeves all weekend. It was 80 degrees but no matter. She had a HILARIOUS sense of humor about the whole thing. Actually she has a great sense of humor about most everything and has no problem poking fun of herself. It is one of my favorite things about her. So she called herself “orange-y” all weekend and kept laughing about her streaks. Awesome.

The weekend excitement was topped off when Grand Rapids experienced a 4.2 earthquake. We were playing outside all afternoon and I checked Facebook and all anyone was talking about was this earthquake. I told my family and we looked at each other all “What earthquake???” In our defense my niece and nephew were over and with 5 kids running around it pretty much feels like an earthquake anyway. Amiright?

Hoping your week was just as fun and eventful. What is new in your world?

What I’m Reading

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Liar, Liar #StreamTeam

Confession. Ryan and I have not been watching much TV lately. This is definitely not normal for us, but we are kind of in between binge watching series (nothing can replace The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and haven’t really jumped back in. I would love to say that instead we were spending more time looking lovingly in each other’s eyes or reading “War and Peace.” But in reality were more likely goofing off on Facebook (me) or playing Angry Birds (him- I can’t even).


I was crazy excited when I got my Stream Team email this week and saw that a new Netflix original was starting staring Kyle Chandler. You may recall that the hubby and I were OBSESSED with Friday Night Lights. Although it will be weird to see him as anyone other than Coach Taylor, I think the plot sounds really intriguing (although much darker than FNL).

Bloodline follows a family caught between the ugly truth and the terrible lie that covers it up – a storyline that conjured our friends at Variety to predict that, “.. those who give Bloodline a chance will, pretty quickly, find themselves hooked.

Um yes please.

Since one of the themes of Bloodline is lying, Netflix has put together a list of shows for all ages that address lying. Goodness knows my kids can never get the message too much that lying is wrong. Probably isn’t too bad for the adults to remember either.

For the little kids:

Lying Movies on Netflix for Littles
1. The Gruffalo

2. Care Bears: S1E8: Untruths and Consequences

3. Veggie Tales in the House: S1E9, Lie-monade (have you checked these out on Netflix yet? we LOVE the Veggie Tales!!!)

4. Little Princess: S1E9, I Didn’t Do It


For the big kids:

Lying Movies on Netflix for Bigs
1. Totally Spies!

2. A.N.T. Farm: S3E9, Pants on Fire

3. Spy School

4. Jessie: S1E14, World Wide Web of Lies (my kids love this show and it actually is pretty cute)


For the REALLY big kids:

Lying Movies on Netflix for Teens and Adults
1. Bloodline

2. Revenge

3. The Bling Ring (this one looks totally fascinating)

4. Pretty Little Liars (along with Revenge, these seem like really good guilty pleasures)


What are you binge watching on Netflix these days? I need a new show! 

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Sunday Chat

Once again the end of the school year is trying to kill me. Raise your hand if you are feeling the same. Oy vey!! The calendar is ugly my friends.

Last week we had Fine Arts night at our school. It is probably my favorite event there because all the kids art work for the year is plastering every wall. Our kid’s have the most amazing art teacher and seeing it all from preschool through 8th really makes me realize what a great school they go to. The sixth graders work really hard on a project all semester detailing the country of their choice. Lily got to have it on display with all her classmates and it was really fun to see it all come to fruition.

Friday I went to my naturopath for a check up and took a moment to reflect on how much my health has changed in the past year. I spend too many years absolutely exhausted and thinking it was just a normal side affect of parenting. It was my struggles with depression and anxiety that caused me to seek out treatment. And after a few rounds of doctors without answers I ended up in a place that finally gave me the answers I had been craving. I’m still not fully healed but am so much closer than I was before. Grabbed this book at the library and am excited to dive in.

We finished off the week with a dinner at friends. And then I served on the worship team this weekend. I am gearing up for another really busy week and need to hit the hay. Sorry things aren’t more exciting in these parts. What is going on in your world?

What I’m Reading

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